CSR Activities

Bhavnagar Energy Company Ltd (BECL) is a joint venture of various state PSUs formed by the set up a 2 x 250 MW lignite based power plant at village-Padva, Ta- Ghogha, in Bhavnagar District. The project is assigned to utilize lignite available nearby from GMDC Mines. Therefore, this can be termed as Pithead power project. This project is having prime importance and crucial infrastructure projects in view of power sector in state of Gujarat. The project cost is estimated approx. Rs.4000 crs. This project consists of two units of 250 MW generation capacity. The requirement of water for this project is to be met with from the desalination of the sea water. The project is near to completion stage and likely that the first unit of the project shall be commissioned by Oct 2014. As and when it is ready it can be inaugurate / dedicated to the people usage.

Bhavnagar Energy Company Limited is committed to the cause of socio-economic development of people, particularly those whose sources of livelihood is affected by our business. Bhavnagar Energy Company Ltd. has constituted Trust “Vikas- BECL Initiative for Rural Development” under CSR activity. This trust is created for social cause by providing medical facility to local villager’s surrounding our plant. Accordingly, BECL Trust appointed CSR Officer, Medical Officer, Medical Assistance, Trainees for fruitful CSR activities surrounding our plant.

We are committed to taking up projects and activities that aim at raising the Human Development Index surrounding the project area. It shall remain our endeavor to involve the people as stakeholders by following participatory approach through which we will address their concerns, priorities, needs and aspirations.

BECL Trust has beneath to the multifold initiative to create positive environment on and near project site area. The major thrust of the activity is on improvement of local infrastructure, educational facilities & financial aid for that purpose. At the same time BECL Trust attaches’ highest important and to the improvement of health facilities and assistance in that sector for local people.

The BECL Trust is conscious and committed to the CSR activities in the area and the huge amount spent for various initiatives sums up to be more than Rs. 22.82 lacs in health program, Rs. 5.40 lacs for important of local infrastructure and Rs. 25.35 lacs for educational assistance.

The details of major initiatives and projects to uplift the local area infrastructure, educational improvement and health facilities are listed in the annexed vote.

We shall remain conscious of our obligations as a responsible corporate entity to the cause of society at large by taking up activities that contribute to – promotion of social harmony, increasing opportunities to socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society, and to mitigation of environmental degradation.

Notes on CSR initiative for the local area


We observed that the state and region has an increased dropout ratio in primary education and especially in case of girl students due to poor socio-economic format general economic condition. We stress and thrust to reduce drop out ratio in line with state govt. efforts. We carry out such social responsibility and motivate the girl students with scholarship, school kit, computer hall, Technical education through I.T.I etc. This assistance has been especially focused for the students of std. 8 to 12 and for backward class family for them we extend scholarships. The academic assistance is extended for local village students only and paid only through a/c. pay cheque through his single operating bank a/c.

VIKAS BECL Trust has performed almost key 20 events in the area of Academic Assistance for surrounding villages during the years 2012-2014.

Events Year Details
img 2012 School bag distributed for 120 students for five village primary schools under School Festivals at cost of Rs. 7800/-
img 2012 Steel Cupboard distribution for primary schools of five villages at cost of Rs. 25875/-
img 2012 Financial Assistance in Tuition Fees for an 9 ITI students at cost of Rs. 15545/-
img 2012 Furniture for five Aganwadis at cost of Rs. 35525/-
img 2012 RO with cooler system for primary school at village Padva at cost of Rs. 73000/-
img 2013 Fans and Tubes light with an installation for two Aganwadis at Cost of Rs. 12000/-
img 2013 RO with cooler system for all five primary schools at cost of Rs. 264000/-
img 2013 School bag distributed for 141 students for entrance of std.1 students in all 5 village primary school at cost of Rs. 11000/-
img 2013 Financial Assistance in tuition and exam fees for an ITI students [10] at cost of Rs. 18300/-
img 2013 Computer Hall for Padva High school at cost of Rs. 842700/-
img 2013 Contribution in organising Science Exhibition Fair belong to Padva cluster schools at cost of Rs. 16835/-
img 2013 1020 dish and spoon set for the students of all five primary schools at cost of Rs. 56100/-
img 2013 Financial Assistance for second semester Std. 9 to 12 to 84 female students under “Shikshan Vandini Yojana” at cost of Rs. 235000/-
img 2013 Financial Assistance for first semester Std. 9 to 12 to 117 female students under “Shikshan Vandini Yojana” at cost of Rs. 310000/-
img 2013 Steel cupboards and set of books for library for all five village primary schools at cost of Rs. 72350/-
img 2014 Assistance for Paver Block and Compound Wall construction at Padva Angawadi No.-2 at cost of Rs. 199069/-
img 2014 Assistance for construction of compound wall at Badi Primary School at cost of Rs. 261035/-
img 2014 Providing 23 Green Board for the class room for all 5 village primary schools at cost of Rs. 69000/-
img 2014 Providing school bags for 125 students for all five village primary schools under Shala Praveshotsav 2014 at cost of Rs. 10625/-

The total financial as well as other assistance amounts to Rs. 2535759/- for the year 2012-14 incurred by the VIKAS BECL Trust CSR activities.


Region surrounding the project has barren land, lower income criteria, and low education and awareness and poor health of villagers.

Accordingly trust have decided to focus and deploy basic medical service through qualified MBBS doctor with paramedic staff. We are providing free of cost medical treatment with medicine for contract laborers and other vicinity villagers at no cost. We have procured Ambulance and have regular twice route a week for the six village community with periodical Blood /health camps too. The activity has aim to promote and preserve the health in all aspects of healthy living. This intervention remains to be very cost effective enhance healthiness level.

BECL has started mobile medical van as a part of CSR activity from 25th July 2012.

Mobile medical van runs in surrounding five villages i.e PADVA, BADI, ALAPAR, MALEKVADAR and HOIDAD and since February 2014, sixth village RAJPARA is added so now six villages are covered by mobile medical van.

In the beginning, Mobile Medical Van visit once a week but now all the six villages are visits twice a week.

We have qualified M.B.B.S doctor (Dr. Satish Andharia) for mobile medical van and all villagers are satisfied with doctor’s treatment.

We provide all medicines free to patients and we use about 60 types of medicines which cover all general diseases so that patients’ need not purchase any medicines from medical store. Our Medical van served total around 34000 OPD up to May 2014 out of that more than 23000 OPD for local villagers.

The key event details are as mention below.

Events Year Details
img 2012 Ambulance Purchase for providing medical service at remote villages at cost of Rs. 645000/-
img 2012 Purchase of Curtain, Nepkin and other fixtures for establish Occupational Health Centre at BECL at cost of Rs. 25000/-
img 2012 Registration for Biomedical Waste service at cost of Rs. 8534/-
img 2013 Organise Medical Camp for various discipline and have diagnose and treat 477 patients via 7 specialised doctors for nearby villagers at cost of Rs. 72000/-
img 2012 onwards Medicine and treatments over surround six villages twice in a week and have treated around 2000 patients per month at cost of Rs. 1500000/-
img 2013 Organised Blood Camps at BECL site office and given assistance 74 Blood donors at cost of Rs. 13500/-
img 2014 Opening, Medical Camp and Health exhibition for District Level Malaria Month – 2014 for working labours at cost of Rs. 4763/-
img 2012-14 Regular approx. 20 check-ups for labours and vaccination have been carried out very regularly.

The total cost of Medical Assistance has been around Rs. 2281907/- for the mention activities under VIKAS BECL Trust.


Company Project site is located in mid-east of district and having rare infrastructure due to various geographical factors. The regional land is low in fertile, low inland water storage, sadness an due to nearby sea and poor deployment of infrastructure scheme from local govt. authority.

Accordingly we have initiated and focused to provide for upliftment of infrastructure in the surrounding village to boost up gradation of quality of life. We have discussed to local gram panchayat body to analyze the requirement of such infrastructure i.e. ground levelling, paver block, drinking water and so on.

VIKAS BECL Trust has performed an around key 6 events in the area of Infrastructure Support towards improvement in surrounding villages during the year 2012-2014. The key event details are as mention below.

Events Year Details
img 2012 Smashan Levelling work has been carried out for Padva Gram Panchayat at cost of Rs. 24000/-
img 2013 Financial Assistance in Water bill for the Padva Gram Panchayat at cost of Rs. 9115/-
img 2013 Smashan Levelling work has been carried out for Badi Gram Panchayat at cost of Rs. 24000/-
img 2013 Smashan Levelling work has been carried out for Other cast in Padva Gram Panchayat at cost of Rs. 30000/-
img 2013 Provided 8 water tankers a day during water scarcity for the Badi Gram Panchayat at cost of Rs. 337000/-
img 2013 Provided 3 water tankers a day during water scarcity for the Alapar Gram Panchayat at cost of Rs. 109500/-

The service for civil upliftment in area cost company around Rs. 539615/- for the mention activities under the CSR dept.




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